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Cutting edge experimental concepts and tradition combined in one.

Below you can read about the productions Pia is engaged in.


"And here was the dancer Pia Pohjakallio, who physically illustrated what flamenco is all about..."


Susanne Holmlund -

review in Sundsvalls Tidning

Pia performs on a freelance basis in a number of different constilations and is a member in the groups Aire de Vida; houseband of FlamencoFredag (Ellen Pontara-vocals, Per Lenner-guitar) and Flamenco Akuten (Ángeles Gómez-vocals, Per Lenner-guitar).


Foto: Zoran Dokic

Archaic Finnish song meets flamencodance


A surprisingly obvious meeting of two direct, strong expressions with their roots in folkloric traditions.


¡RÅ! is a journey through womens lives. There are moments of happiness, freedom, frustation and melancholy, captivating incantations and spells, vulnerable, tender singing and susceptible dance as beautiful as they can be.


Vocals, composition:

Anna Fält

Dance, choreography:

Pia Pohjakallio

Light design:

Madeleine Lind Hoppe


Anna Fält/LP Flamenco





Foto: Monica Sihlén

The sharp tones of the flamenco guitar sound over the mountain ridge, the streaming water listens to the song's deep timbre. What are origins?


The question of what origins can be is central in this poetic flamencoshow. The song, music and dance are intertwined with moving images from the awardwinning music documentary ”Origins – a window towards voices” (by Ellen Pontara and Roland Pantze).


Creative team:

Aire de Vida:

Ellen Pontara (vocals)

Per Lenner (guitar)

Pia "del Norte" Pohjakallio (dans)

& Kai Sundquist (winds)


Friteatern & LP Flamenco


A musical journey through both laughter-inducing as serious moments full of presence, human warmth and contact.


Tuut, pling, ta-ria takata is an interactive, acoustic show for children. The audience gets to listen to new compositions of the living guitar legend Eva Möller together with the rock n roll saxofonist Kai Sundquist and flamencoqueen Pia "del Norte" Pohjakallio.


During the ride the children are turned into palmeros, clappers, and return home with 12-beats in their bags!


Creative team:

Eva Möller

Kai Sundquist

Pia "del Norte" Pohjakallio


LP Flamenco


Foto: Monica Sihlén

LATIDO: tikka - rappu - tori

A quadrilogy of reflections upon pulse in its organic, digital and social structures.


LATIDO is a continuous process seeking time and space. It consists of three independent, site specific, investigating parts both for audiences and specific spaces that lead to a conclusive work for stage.


A multidisciplinary meeting of flamenco schooled bodies, electroacoustic and acoustic soundscapes and space.


Creative team:

Pia "del Norte" Pohjakallio

Per Lenner

Mariano Cruceta

Tina Eriksson Fredriksson


LP Flamenco



Timetravel 100 years and back in the world of flamenco!


El Tiempo Flamenco is a dance and music concert inspired by flamencos varied roads through time. From the oldest flamenco songs to the latest influences in this artforms soulful presence and sparkly rhythms.

We navigate from the first beats on the anvil that accompanied the song, let ourselves be captivated by some chosen historical quotes, to land in our contemporary arrangements.


Creative team:

Pia "del Norte" Pohjakallio

Erik Steen

Gustavo Rey


LP Flamenco


Foto: Andreas Wälitalo

The story of belonging and of being left out


A total flamenco experience where the children meet flamencos' colorful expression, suggestive dramatics and rhythms in the dance, vocals and the guitar. A story abut being different, of being left out of the game and about being seen. For everyone regardless of native language!


Flamenco de los Niños is a show for children of all ages and has since it's premiere in 2011 been performed more than 300 times.


Creative team:

Josefine Chiacchiero

Pia "del Norte" Pohjakallio

Milla Strandberg

Zoran Dokic


Compaso Flamenco, LP Flamenco, Cinco Espadas, Vokalstudion



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