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Classes for children:

Oh no! Only interactive Pling Tuut Ta-ria Takata

performances for now!


Public workshops:


16-17 november 2019

Summer course at

Ölands Folkhögskola coming up 2020


Pia is known for her "neardyness" when it comes to knowledge on Spanish- and flamencodance as well as flamenco as a whole. Every year she returns to Spain and visits international flamencofestivals elsewhere to keep herself update with the latest tendencies. In Spain you can be sure to find her in the local peña's listening to the singers and guitarists.

Pia can help you with both shorter and longer talks, lectures or specific themes regarding this artform.

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See links to earlier talks:

Introduction to Afectos @Dansens Hus

Seminar Folk- och Världsmusikgalan i Umeå

A great interest for communication and sharing is one of the feet Pia stands on. She is a loved teacher with warmth, humor, tricky choreographies and never ending patience. Her teaching is based on both a focus on physical technique and placement, as well as schooling the body for flamenco and it's codes as a whole.

Pia has a long experience giving talks and introducing both children and grownups to flamenco as an artform as the artistic director of FlamencoFredag, Stockholms tablao (flamencostage) and on a freelance basis.

"The most beloved teacher ever!"

"What I couldn't have done without this semester is Pias passion for dance and how well she responds to us.

It is easy to develop as a dancer with the dedication and interest that she radiates. For me, dance is not just dance, but also an opportunity for personal development."

"Pia's classes are the highlight of my week!"

Student commentary

Classes for grownups:

Fall term 2019

DansCompagniet, Stockholm

Tuesdays 14:00-15:00

Senior Flamenco!

Tuesdays 18:30-20:00

(beginners/re-starters/1 termers)

Tuesdays 20:00-21:30

Danza Estilizada/Castañuelas

(you've danced 1-2 years or longer)

Private classes/workshops:

Bata de cola, mantón, castañuelas,

specific technique focus, musical focus,

interactiveness, introduction workshops ect...

Contact Pia at info@piadelnorte.com