Erik Steen Foto Amanda Lindgren


World class Nordic flamenco

Erik Steen is a guitarist who has put flamenco on the Nordic music map for decades. His unique sound is just that - unique - with touches of latin rhythms and free form jazz baked in a flamenco package. Erik Steen Flamenco Fusion gathers an ensemble of 7 reknown artists to a concert with new music from the latest release Bola de Cristal

Duration: Depending on occation. Everything from 60-120 min

Concerts with ESFF can for now be booked through LP Flamenco


Creative team:

Erik Steen - guitar, composer & music director

Safoura Safavi - vocals

Johan Alenius - woodwinds

Bengt Jonasson - base

Valter Kinbom - percussion

Fredrik Gille - percussion

Pia del Norte - dance & palmas

Produced by: Piedra Music Productions & LP Flamenco

Photos: Amanda Lindgren, Peter Bothén & Sascha Kajic