Pia has a long experience giving talks, workshops and introductions to flamenco as an artform. She has taught children, grownups, seniors, beginners, musicians and professional dancers as well as stepping in as an expert

in higher education. 

In Sweden she is connected to the

KULAN-platform as well as having many options for Skapande Skola projects. 

She has given talks/teached at Dansens hus, SKH, Kulturhuset Stadsteatern,

Base 23 etc 



@Skeppsta hytta & Laxnegården in Sörmland

Mondays starting October!

More info here in a PDF!

Book your spot by mailing: info@piadelnorte.com

Pia also gives private classes in bata de cola, mantón, castanets, specific technique focus, musical focus, interactiveness, introduction workshops ect…

Ask through mail for more info!


"The most beloved teacher ever!"

"What I couldn't have done without this semester is Pias passion for dance and

how well she responds to us.

It is easy to develop as a dancer with the dedication and interest that she radiates. For me, dance is not just dance, but also an opportunity for personal development."

"Pia's classes are the highlight of my week!"