Carmen Recycled


A colourful contemporary take on Bizerts and Merimées Carmen leaning on designer and climate activist Vivienne Westwoods famous words: When in doubt, Overdress

Carmen Recycled is a multisensoric flamenco- and opera experience where Bizets and Merimées Carmen is cooked down to an hour of power, love and the right to own ones own story. 

On stage: four Carmen, schooled in flamencodance, woodwinds, flamencoguitar and classical song.

To recycle is about taking something that has been deemed useless and using it in new and creative ways. It can be a piece ofclothing or genderroles. In this case, the story of Carmen is recycled. Womens abuse is thrown into the waste grinder and life, lust and freedom are reclaimed.

Language: Swedish

Duration: 60 min (version especially for schools 45 min)

Carmen Recycled was created as the dance production of the year at Scenkonst Sörmland 2021 and is produced by LP Flamenco since September 2021

Carmen Recycled had its premiere digitally at Folk och kultur, 2021-02-10 and has since been performed both in open air and theatres at Musikaliska, Tibble Teater, Möckelsnäs, Sörmlandsleden and ETC Solpark


Creative team:

Carina Stenberg - vocals

Afra Rubino - guitar, vocals 

Kai Sundquist - woodwinds

Pia "del Norte" Pohjakallio - dance

Maria Magdolna Beky Winnerstam - direction

Jonathan Sandberg - sound/touring tech

Vilhelm Montan Lindberg - lightdesign

Alicia Harris - costume

Irene Pelayo Lind - outer eye/gender expert

Amanda Lindgren - photo