The House of 4 Winds - 4 Vindars Hus - 4 Tuulen Talo

Musictheatre based on ancient but always relevant folktales from around the world

This school- and family production brings together a special trio consisting of double base, vocals and percussive dance.

Stories from around the world told to the audiences through music and dance touch on important themes about the environment, solving conflicts, generosity and mastering your greatest fears.

We also look into the world of different cultural heritages. The music has its roots in the origins of the stories being told: African rhythms, Finnish Kalevala melodies and old songs from the indigenous people of North America. All coloured by the ensembles experience within world music, jazz and flamenco.

Language: Swedish and Finnish, English at request

Duration: 35 min + 10 min talk

The House of 4 Winds had its premiere in Joensuu, Finland 2019-07-11 and has since toured in Sweden with Länsmusiken i Stockholm and Scenkonst Sörmland as a family- and schoolshow


Creative team:

Lauri Antila - double base

Anna Fält - vocals

Pia "del Norte" Pohjakallio - dance

Maria Magdolna Beky Winnerstam - director aid

Zoran Dokic - illustration


Länsmusiken i Stockholm,

Lauri Antila, Anna Fält & LP Flamenco