Freely after the Greek drama about Eco, the nymph possesing the gifts of speach and music.

The tones and rhythms of flamenco with the responce from the space awaken the life of a nymph who's voice calls through centuries. Eco was a life-affirming and glad nymph with the gift of speach and music. She entertained Hera, Zeus wife, at Zeus court while he slinked off with his lovers. One day Hera saw through the betrayal and Eco's life was never the same...

An investigatory collaboration between the guitarist Afra Rubino and dancer Pia "del Norte" Pohjakallio where the focus lies in the close and present listening. Every space with its specific audience creates unique acoustic conditions for the piece.

We meet in sounding rooms where the acoustics of the space contribute to the performance.

Language: English

Duration: 45 min

ECHO premiered in Gustav Adolfs kyrka in Sundsvall 2021-08-04 as a part of the Sundsvall Chamber Music Festival. A work-in-process was given at Skeppsta Hytta and the piece was also elected to the Dancefair program 2021.


Creative team:

Afra Rubino - guitar, vocals, composition 

Pia "del Norte" Pohjakallio - dance, vocals, choreography

Amanda Lindgren - photo

Team Tony - film, recorded at Dansens Hus for Dansmässan

Production: Afra Rubino & LP Flamenco